How To Save A Laptop From Water Damage?

Each laptop owners have nightmare about a carelessly poured out cup of coffee or sudden water shower if you work outside. Commonly we say that wet thorough laptops are dead laptops but it not necessary to be right when you have patience and tools.

How to save a Laptop from water damage?

In this article, dell laptop service center in Chennai has given you some tips to fix the water logged laptop, but not guaranteed.

Tools: You should need the multiple size set of Philips-head and Flat-head screw drivers. And also better to have small Torx screwdrivers and narrow pry bar.

A can of compressed air is used to cleaning and dusting the laptop finally.

Rice or Silica Gel packets: It helps to absorb the moisture.

Heater: A hair dryer or space heater also need.

A Safe Work Space: The place should be dry and clean but no carpeting, rubber or wood to place the components.

All these tools are available at local hardware store. You can also continue doing this if you don’t have silica gel. For wet electronics, it takes more time. Do the step by step procedure to fix the water-logged problem.

Safety First: Before starting one thing you should be aware the fact that your laptop is dead. At this point of time what you are going to do is, rescuing your investment and the hardware. And also look for other alternatives such as warranty for full-coverage damage, if you have then make a use of it.

If your laptop is smoking or sparkling actively then go away from it or place it out of the building to avoid damages. Spray with a fire extinguisher if you saw any flames. Throw the old one and start buying a new one.

Find Manual Guide: Use your smartphone or computer to browse your laptop model number to get the repair manual. This is created by laptop’s manufacturer and can find on their official website. By using that disassembles your laptop.

Disassemble Your Laptop: Follow the manual and take every piece from your laptop which is removable. Each laptop is designed in a different way like the hardware, SSD or RAM can be removed just with a screw driver.

Dry the components: Look at each component which is moisture and soak it using scrub or towel. Let it out for few hours to get moisture.

Reassemble your laptop: Use your manual service or notes or photos taken during the process. Reassemble the parts in your laptop and don’t leave anything like components or screws.

Power On: Place your battery and turn on your notebook. If things work correctly, start using and take a backup. We do not guarantee the result.

If any accessories get damaged then no need to worry you can get all branded accessories in hp laptop service center in Chennai.

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