What is ShowBox Captcha Error and how to fix it?

Showbox is the best app for streaming videos, movies and TV shows. It is a free app and so many users are using this. Anyone can download showbox apk for android device to watch unlimited movies or videos. Due to large number of user access error occurs in showbox app.

Most of the users report that the showbox shows captcha error. Users are finding solution to this problem by searching in Google. There are many fake websites saying create account with subscription to avoid these error.

What is ShowBox Captcha Error and how to fix it

In this article, we are going to discuss how to resolve this captcha error and make it to work back again.

What is Showbox Captcha Error?

If the traffic comes from the same source randomly for the same file or sometimes from the same IP address then it will think as bot. To clarify as this is not a bot and human is working, the app will redirect the captcha file to your screen and stating to write the words in the box.

But the users reporting that the showbox app remains the same after entering it correctly. They have tried more but it’s not working still.

There are few websites fraudly promise the people to resolve this error by creating an account on their website. No need to do this friends. We are here to help you to resolve the error in logical way.

How to fix Showbox Captcha error?

Way 1: Force stopping the app
If you are trapped with the app means then its stops responding. Go to the app timeline in your android device and end up the app by clicking the close button. In some android device, a timeline of the app will be visible after double pressing or long pressing the home key. In Moto G-X device uses the hotkey on right far and rest the app. Now you can launch back the app and watch your favorite TV shows or movie.

Way 2: IP modification
Try the 1st way and if it is not working again then the IP connection and address may be the problem. It can be resolved in three steps.

  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi for your android device and connect it again.
  • Check back and it doesn’t work then reboot the router till it change the IP address.
  • You can also use VPN app for your android device to change a IP address within 2 taps.

We hope that these two ways are useful to fix the captcha error easily. There are many alternatives available for this app but that are not good as showbox apk.

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